To optimize strategy, media and analytics, we keep everything in sight:
hindsight, foresight and insight.



At Converge Marketing Services we look all ways before making any recommendations. We start with the same tools and disciplines as most agencies, but expand our considerations to include your business revenue objectives and ROI.

Once we have a full understanding of your financial goals, campaign objectives and success metrics we develop a strategy. We believe that results drive the next decision; thus our approach to planning and buying begins and ends with granular level analysis. It’s a continuous process, which makes sense. Your customers aren’t stagnant. Your media plan shouldn’t be either.

Converge Marketing Services is one of the largest independent media planners. By leveraging our purchasing clout, our clients enjoy the most competitive rates in the marketplace. Our long-standing relationships with media vendors across both traditional and digital media make Converge Marketing Services one of the first agencies to be presented with new, innovative inventory opportunities. That’s good for us, better for your business.