Your highest lifetime value customers cross all channels-
traditional and digital.


So our strategic and planning services do too.

We seek to be a leading independent media agency that combines the disciplines of branding and direct marketing to deliver accountable marketing and media solutions. We help clients maintain and grow successful businesses and attain their strategic marketing goals while delivering a desirable ROI.



Strategic Planning: The Core of Every Plan

Before any decision is made we do a thorough analysis of your objectives, understanding financial goals along with a comprehensive review of the competitive landscape.

How you benefit:

  • Challenge status quo — At Converge Marketing Services we don’t just pick up your current media plan. We continuously evaluate results, identify key learning and make recommendations to produce more effective campaigns and investments.
  • New insight at a senior level — Fresh eyes are the best way to see new opportunities,
    so our most experienced folks give input on your plan, your data and your investment.
  • Creation of a digital strategy — It’s always better to know where you’re going, so we map out your entire strategic plan. You’ll know where and why every dollar is spent along with the predicted lead generation and sales.
Media Planning & Buying Power:
Portfolio Management & Negotiation

After our analysis and learning is complete, we strategically construct a media plan. Then we fine tune with our clients so when it’s time to implement, everyone is on board.

How you benefit:

  • Recommendations on appropriate media — Converge Marketing Services continuously researches the effectiveness of traditional and new media to assure optimization of your media spend.
  • Generate advertising efficiency — Like you, we expect every dollar spent to improve our ROI, so we put plans in place to maximize audience touch-points and exposure.
  • Securing optimum media mix; best in-class placement and rates. We’re proud of the professional credibility and connectivity we’ve earned. It allows us more and better buying power on your behalf. In other words, our clout is your advantage.
Analytics: Driving Investment
Decisions Based on Results

Our proprietary ConvergeTrack™ provides you with a 360° view of how all marketing efforts in a campaign perform in relationship to each other.
Real data in real time.

How you benefit:

  • Full tracking performance/analytical review — Know the real-time “what and whys” of your media buy from impressions to clicks to creative performance.
  • Measured effectiveness in driving business goals and future investment decisions — Full daypart analysis provides conversion, conversion rates and CPA by hour/day to inform how you’re tracking to goals.